Writing Awards


I was one of the contest winners on TGV: Trains, Terrorists, Trust a novel by Beth Ann Erickson, for my story Traveling from Japan to Italy.


Beth Ann Erickson had this to say about my winning entry:

"You did a fab job. I hope to see your work in subsequent contests."



Peevbody Award

"While there are many excellent writers to consider from the nominees for the Peevbody Award, the very meaning of the award is linked intrinsically to the dedication of the recipients.

For that reason, we select from among the deserving, individuals who embody everything it is to truly be a penman or penwoman.

This November we have the honor of awarding the Peevbody to a man whose commitment to writers has nearly spanned two decades.

We agree and firmly believe not only does John M. Poindexter deserve to be in the running for the award, but he deserves to win the award and be in the running for the 100 USD Writers Grant to be awarded next September.

Not one of us would be a writer without our teachers. They leave a mark across generations and can never be recognized enough for the work they do. But let's try anyway shall we?

So, John M. Poindexter, here's your Peevbody Award for Outstanding Support of Writers!"