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Steve Hawks - The Dilemma novel is finished.

Now getting the Query and Synopsis on top of the list to work on. Shooting for June as a pitch date.

I have start re-writing Steve Hawks - Deadly Revenge from first person to third person.

See more about them on the On the Drawing Board page.

My work is sure cut out for me, as I have the unfinished Dirty Bomb waiting for these to get finished.



Blog updating:

I want to thank all of you that go and read my Blog. I really appreciate it that you are interested in the Blog.

If you would like to have a guest post on my Blog, just email and we can discuss what it is you would like to write about.

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In the other part of my work world:


I was asked about poetry writing. My one poem was created in the mid-90s, because I was tired of hearing students say "hey".

It is funny that all my students remember this saying even years after leaving school.

It goes like this:

Hay is for horses

Grass is free

Buy a farm

And you can have all three.