Hawks’ Dilemma, is the first in a series of novels that highlight the lives of Federal Agents who work only for the President of the United States.

It opens with Steve Hawks and his agents rescuing a girl from a group of terrorists. The terrorists are after a senator and kidnapped the wrong girl, thinking she is the senator’s daughter.

After returning to D.C., six armed Asian men have stormed the Capital. Hawks and his team kill the terrorists and go to find the senator the terrorists were after, who denies any dealing with the terrorists.
Hawks and his team now travel to Thailand to capture an Air Force member who is selling secrets to a Russian spy. Later, they go to Germany to bring the spy to the U.S. The president appoints Steve Hawks as the Director of the Espionage, Terrorist Bureau (ETB) and wants him to handle a gun smuggling investigation from an U.S. Air Base to Japan.

This brings in Hawks’ love, Sadie MacKenzie. Steve sends Sadie in undercover against the smugglers. All Hawks can think about is Sadie and her safety. He steps out from behind cover to shoot a smuggler and ends up shot himself. Hawks awakes in the hospital to find Sadie sitting beside him. He tells her to call the president’s office and tell them that the future Mrs. Hawks was calling.

Someone kidnaps Sadie on their honeymoon. To see his wife again, he must arrange for the release of an Air Force spy he arrested. Upon her return, the president orders Hawks to work on the FBI investigation concerning a senator’s son missing. Sadie insists on working on her kidnappers’ case going against Hawks’ advice.

Hawks can’t control Sadie’s involvement and he lets her go after the kidnappers. Sadie’s case leads them to Atlantic City and Hawks’ case turns into a murder investigation. Hawks brings in the senator’s son and they discover he is not the killer, but another Asian man is the murderer.

Special Agent Mike Phillips calls Hawks and tells him they found the kidnappers. Hawks takes a team to Atlantic City and meets up with Sadie and Mike. A gun battle ends Taylor’s life, and his friends captured. That evening at dinner, Sadie tells Hawks he will be a daddy, and that she is not quitting her job.

The terrorists shoot Senator Patrick’s son. Phillips goes after them and ends up shot. Hawks confronts the senator regarding his involvement with the terrorists. He admits to being blackmailed. Terrorists take the senator from the hospital. At a roadblock, the terrorists’ vehicle overturns. Hawks approaches the vehicle. He hears a shot. Senator Patrick explains he killed one in self-defense.

The story ends with Sadie and Hawks visiting Mike in the hospital, where Hawks tells Mike the truth about the senator will come out one day.